The Recycling System is designed to economise on water consumption, which plays a significant role in protection of the environment. The water intended for the cleaning of concrete mixer trucks and concrete-mixing plants flows off into a sedimentation tank. 

From there it is pumped into a container for washing, where it is stirred for 24 h with a timer-controlled stirrer in order to keep the sand and cement suspended in a liquid state. After 24 hours, it is collected and used in the concrete production process. 

Sand and gravel, a bye-product of rinsing the inside the TOMIX machine, is reused for production. The Recycling System created by the Beton Service Company is one of its kind. 

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Recycling - Readymix Krakow Recycling Dyckerhoff Warszawa Recycling control Recycling Thomas Beton Kwidzyn
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Recycling Thomas Beton Kwidzyn Recycling Kruszbet Suwalki Recycling Kruszbet Suwalki  Recycling Tank Dyckerhoff Poznan
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Recycling Faelbud Lublin Recycling control Recycling Thomas Beton Grudziadz Recycling Thomas Beton Grudziadz